Types of Coffee Drinks – Learn the Difference!

If you’re a coffee junkie experimenting in the kitchen with your coffee maker or a newbie that doesn’t know what to order, this is for you. With all the different types of coffee drinks available things can be a bit confusing, so we have broken it down for you. 

We’ve compiled a short list of some of the types of coffee drinks and the difference between them. Whether you enjoy black coffee, milky coffee, hot coffee or iced coffee, we have it all. In the coffee world there is something for everyone and if you haven’t found your drink of choice, try them all!

List of Coffee Drinks


A shot of strong, pressure-brewed coffee. This is generally used as the base for most coffee drinks that we know and love. The name originates from the Italian word esprimere, which means “to express’ or “to press out”. An espresso is the perfect morning pick-me-up and if one shot isn’t enough, well you can always get a double shot (double espresso).


This drink seems to have some debate behind its name, one thing is for sure that it was inspired by Americans. The Americano is basically an espresso and hot water to dilute the coffee as it was “apparently” too strong as a single shot. 

Hot water was added to the espresso to prevent over-extraction which would cause the coffee to be very bitter and undesirable. This drink should not be confused with drip coffee as water is not used in the extraction process.


A traditional Italian beverage that is made of espresso with a milk foam mixture. The milk foam mixture is what gives it the creamy luxurious texture that we have all come to know and expect over the years. 

Cappuccinos usually have a sprinkle on top, generally chocolate but it varies. The foam on top has inspired many to come up with interesting designs now known as coffee design art or latte art.


The Creamacino happens to be one of my favorite coffee drinks. Creamacinos are very similar to a regular cappuccino. The structure is made up of espresso and heated milk but instead of the foam, it’s topped with a hearty dollop of cream and a chocolate sprinkle. 

This coffee drink will make you feel like a child again, (Be warned people at the table always try to steal a spoonful of your cream topping) guard it well. If you find the dairy makes this drink too weak for you, you can always ask for a double espresso that should fix things right away.


This silky beverage is sure to satisfy your coffee craving. It can be made with either a single or double shot of espresso, steamed milk, and a very thin layer of foam. The name caffe latte translates to milk coffee in Italian.

If you find that coffee is acidic this would most likely be the coffee drink for you, as the milk content helps reduce the acidity and the bitterness of the coffee. If you want to go the extra mile you could always add a shot of flavoring to spice things up. 

Flat White

This Australian beverage is the way to go if you prefer your coffee without the “glitz and glam”. Generally a flat white is a double espresso with lightly frosted milk (found at the bottom of the jug instead of the top). No foam is added, no flavoring, no sprinkles, just good old fashioned coffee-flavored coffee.

Iced Coffee

Iced coffee originated with the French Algerian soldiers who created a drink made of coffee syrup, cold water and sugar. This chilled coffee drink is great for those summer days when you need your caffeine hit. This drink consists of ice, cold milk and espresso. 

With its smooth taste, it is a great base to add flavoring syrups whether you prefer vanilla or pumpkin spice. Nothing is impossible. This is the perfect drink to have fun with, try a bunch of flavors ,add sugar or don’t. The power is in your hands.

The Difference Between Coffee Drinks

Espresso vs Americano

The differences between these two drinks is really easy to wrap your head around when you know the basics. An Espresso is a shot that’s strong whereas the Americano is espresso that is diluted with hot water and both are served black with no milk.

Cappuccino vs Creamacino

A Creamacino is a Cappuccino but instead of the foam layer it has a cream swirl. The base is still the same consisting of espresso and steamed milk only the top layer changes. The sprinkle still remains a little dusting of happiness. 

Latte vs Flat White

The latte is known for its silky texture which is contributed to by the steamed milk and thin layer of milk foam. The flat white however doesn’t have the milk foam but does have the steamed milk. The milk that is used for the flat white is from the bottom of the jug whereas the latte milk is usually in the middle. Both of these coffee drinks have a base of espresso. 

Iced Coffee vs. Hot Coffee 

This sort of goes without saying but the most defining thing between these drinks is the temperature. Iced coffee is usually in larger servings, it’s also less acidic and gentler on the taste buds, it’s also more aromatic. 

Hot coffee on the other hand is more acidic and depending on the brew can have a slightly bitter taste. How the coffee is brewed has a lot to do with the taste. A cold brew has a higher caffeine content and takes between 8-18 hours to steep. Hot brews generally only take a few minutes.

In Summary

For many, coffee is coffee. Black, hot, and strong is how it should be. But for those who enjoy a bit of variety, there are plenty of options out there. 

Whether you enjoy your coffee plain or with whipped cream on top, there’s no judgement here! As long as you’re getting your daily dose of caffeine, you’re on the right track. 

How do you enjoy your coffee? Let us know!

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